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Hi, hiring team!

I'm Andrés.
Your go-to manager for effective marketing that drives growth.

Forging Pathways for Overseas Companies in LATAM

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With 10+ years dedicated to working with companies in the healthcare and tech industry marketing sphere, with a proven track record of driving growth, enhancing brand visibility, and forging strategic partnerships across LATAM.


My expertise spans both traditional and digital marketing strategies, allowing me to create integrated approaches that resonate in today’s dynamic environment.


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Case study



Mindray Healthcare LATAM Expansion: A Case Study in Strategic Market Penetration

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  • Market Saturation: The LATAM market was dominated by established competitors, making it difficult for overseas companies to penetrate.

  • Brand Recognition: Mindray needed to build its brand in a market with strong loyalty to existing brands.

  • Strategic Partnerships: Developing partnerships was crucial for market entry and expansion but challenging due to the competitive landscape.


  • In-Depth Market Research: Initiated comprehensive market analysis to identify unique needs and gaps in the LATAM healthcare market.

  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Utilizing insights from the research, I designed and executed marketing campaigns that highlighted Mindray's value propositions, focusing on their cutting-edge technology and customer service excellence.

  • Strategic Partnership Development: Focused on building strategic alliances with local distributors and healthcare providers to enhance market presence and ensure product availability.

  • Digital Transformation: Leveraged digital platforms for marketing and engagement, implementing targeted social media campaigns, webinars, and CRM strategies to generate leads and build community.

  • Sales Enablement: Developed a sales enablement program, equipping the sales team with the tools and knowledge to effectively communicate Mindray's benefits to potential clients.


  • Doubled Market Share: Mindray's strategic initiatives in the LATAM market resulted in a doubling of its market share within two years, firmly establishing the brand as a leading force in the medical technology sector. Specifically, we saw an increase from 5% to 10% market share, overtaking key competitors and securing a top 3 position in the industry.

  • Brand Recognition Increased by 60%: Leveraging a mix of digital marketing, direct outreach, and strategic partnerships, we boosted Mindray's brand recognition by 60%. This was measured through brand awareness surveys and an increase in web traffic, significantly enhancing its reputation as a trusted partner among healthcare professionals across LATAM.

  • Expanded Partner Network by 50%: The establishment and nurturing of a robust distribution and partner network led to a 50% increase in our partner ecosystem. This expansion enabled Mindray to reach over 150% of its previous customer base, improving product availability, customer service, and support across diverse LATAM markets.

  My First 100 Days at YOUR Company:

Unifying Sales and Marketing for Optimal Impact


Forge a cohesive, high-impact strategy between sales and marketing to drive specific, measurable outcomes.


Deliver mutual value through targeted initiatives. Example:

  • Marketing Team Goal: Generate 400 leads per month.

  • Sales Team Goal: Engage with leads within 1 hour of contact.

Phase 1: Assessment & Integration

Market and Internal Analysis: Deep dive into the current market position and internal processes to identify growth opportunities and areas for integration.

Stakeholder Engagement: Initiate dialogues with key stakeholders to understand expectations and align objectives.

Sales Engagement: Work closely with the sales team to ensure seamless communication and understanding of marketing-generated leads.

Phase 2: Development & Early Execution

Strategic Account Focus: Identify and strategize around key accounts that offer the highest potential for growth.

Sales Enablement & Frictionless Sales: Implement tools and processes that empower the sales team to engage effectively with leads.

Partner Ecosystem Development: Strengthen relationships with existing partners and explore new alliances to enhance market reach.

Phase 3: Execution & Optimization

Continuous Stakeholder Engagement: Maintain open lines of communication with all stakeholders to adapt strategies as needed.

Performance and Expansion: Evaluate the impact of early initiatives and scale successful strategies.

Full-Scale Execution: Implement the comprehensive marketing and sales strategy across all channels and touchpoints.

  My Top Key Metrics for Success  

  • Key Account Acquisitions: Track the growth in strategic partnerships and client accounts.

  • Conversion Rate & MQL to SQL Conversion Rate: Measure the effectiveness of lead generation and qualification processes.

  • Acquisition Source & Bounce Rate: Analyze the efficiency of different marketing channels.

  • CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) & Cost per Lead: Monitor spending efficiency.

  • Inbound Response Time & ARPC (Average Revenue Per Customer): Evaluate sales responsiveness and value generated from each customer.

  How Do I Work  

  • 6-Week Cycles: Implement a cyclical approach for testing and refining marketing strategies (Hypothesis, Run Experiment and After-Action Review).

  • Smarketing Meetings (LATAM Sales/Marketing team): Bi-weekly sessions to ensure alignment between sales and marketing efforts in the region.

  • Pipeline Meetings: Weekly discussions to review the sales pipeline and adjust strategies as needed.

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