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I'm Andrés.
Healthcare industry marketing manager

Decoding the DNA of Healthcare Marketing


Hi, hiring team!

This is me...

With 8 years dedicated to working with healthcare companies, my career is deeply anchored in consulting marketing teams from Philips Healthcare and Mindray Healthcare.

My expertise spans both traditional and digital marketing strategies, allowing me to create integrated approaches that resonate in today’s dynamic healthcare environment.

My skills

 Project Management    Marketing Plan    Go-to-Market    Sales Enablement   Pipeline funnels    Competitive Intelligence   Digital Marketing    Inbound   B2B/B2C    Budgeting   Coaching    Forecasting   Product-Led-Growth  

Case studies


Philips Healthcare Colombia: A Case Study in Product Marketing

Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 7.07.47 p.m..png
Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 7.09.24 p.m..png


Philips Healthcare sought to expand its market share and enhance product recognition in Colombia's competitive private healthcare sector. The challenge was to introduce new medical equipment into a market dominated by established competitors, requiring a nuanced understanding of local needs and an innovative marketing approach.


  • Market Research and Analysis: Conducting in-depth market research to understand the specific needs of the Colombian healthcare sector and identify gaps in the current market offerings.

  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Developing and executing targeted marketing campaigns that highlighted the unique value propositions of Philips' medical equipment, focusing on their innovative features and benefits to healthcare providers.

  • Sales Enablement and Training: Equipping the sales team with detailed product knowledge and sales strategies to effectively communicate the benefits of Philips' equipment to potential customers.

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Engaging key stakeholders in the healthcare sector through seminars, workshops, and one-on-one meetings to build relationships and foster trust in Philips' brand and products.


The execution phase involved a series of targeted initiatives designed to maximize impact:


Key initiatives included:

  • Digital Marketing: Leveraging digital platforms to raise awareness and generate interest among healthcare professionals, utilizing SEO and SEM strategies to reach key decision-makers.

  • Educational Events: Hosting educational events for healthcare providers to demonstrate the value and capabilities of the new equipment, facilitating hands-on experience and direct interaction with Philips' product experts.

  • Partnership Development: Establishing partnerships with local healthcare institutions for pilot projects, showcasing the real-world benefits and efficiency gains provided by Philips' equipment.


400% brand recognition

brand visibility within the private healthcare sector in Colombia, establishing the product in the top 5 of brand recognition.

18% sales increased

The new product resulted in a substantial increase in sales, with Philips securing new contracts with several private healthcare institutions.

Stakeholder Trust

Designed and implemented a sales automation system that improved the closing rate by 9.3% and increased sales velocity by 22%.



Mindray Healthcare LATAM Expansion: A Case Study in Strategic Market Penetration

Accesos Vasculares por Ultrasonido_FB.png
Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 6.39.37 p.m..png


Mindray Healthcare sought to significantly expand its market share in the LATAM region for its ultrasound product line. The primary obstacles included intense competition, diverse market dynamics across countries, and the need to rapidly enhance brand recognition and sales in a scalable manner.


  • Market and Product Plan Development: Crafting a detailed plan focusing on aggressive market penetration, sales enablement, and the creation of a marketing pipeline funnel.

  • Competitive Intelligence and Playbooks: Leveraging global insights to develop competitive playbooks, ensuring an in-depth understanding of market dynamics and competitor strategies.

  • Sales Team Empowerment: Implementing educational programs and sales tools to equip the sales team, enabling them to effectively communicate the value proposition of Mindray's solutions.

  • Digital Marketing and Lead Generation: Utilizing digital marketing tactics, particularly social media campaigns, to generate leads and enhance brand visibility across the region.


The strategy was executed across seven key LATAM countries: Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia.


Key initiatives included:

  • Social Media Campaigns: Targeted campaigns were launched to generate leads and raise awareness among potential customers, effectively utilizing platforms where the target audience was most active.

  • Sales Enablement and Automation: A sales automation system was designed and implemented to improve efficiency, closing rates, and sales velocity. Sales teams were provided with the necessary tools, content, and competitive intelligence to effectively engage with leads.

  • Partner and Distributor Network Expansion: Efforts were made to identify and secure new partners and distributors in the region, enhancing Mindray's reach and ability to serve new markets.



in sales for Mindray Healthcare, secured 13 new partners, and expanded the brand's market share significantly in LATAM countries.

800+ MQL's

Developed a lead generation campaign for ultrasound equipment, resulting in more than 800 MQLs with a closing rate of 14% in 10 months

22% increased

Designed and implemented a sales automation system that improved the closing rate by 9.3% and increased sales velocity by 22%.

I invite you to reach me out!

Let's discuss how I can bring my experience, strategic thinking, and innovative approaches to your organization. 

Whether it's leading your marketing team to new heights or spearheading strategic marketing initiatives, I am ready to embark on a next journey of success.

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