Social Media Strategic Plan

Immerse myself in our client’s world and interpret their story through a powerful strategy for each channel.

Social Media Management

Perform a deep review of the customer’s social media to gain a complete understanding of how their business and it’s activities work in digital environments.

Commercial and Corporate Photography

Specialize in all aspects of corporate photography, branding, public relations, social media and products.

Operational Execution

My senior consultants will target your specific needs and provide real solutions to strengthen the brand and achieve positive results.

Social Media Strategist

Strategies, planning and execution with results.

I develop projects and strategic plans for companies in digital environments. I help my clients develop and grow their connecting capabilities with specific audiences. I advise both large and small clients in the areas of Digital Marketing, Social Media, e-commerce and in the acquisition and retention of followers.

Years of experience
Creating value for my clients
Clients attended
Filling them with satisfactions
Campaigns made
Generating growth and influence
New Followers
Generating purchases. Engagement and more
Recent work